April Contest is CLOSED

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We have 3 prizes for this month giveaway:
1. animal trio magnet
2. viridian leather flower pin
3. pink button trio

April Contest is here, here are the rules again, in case you missed them!

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3. are you a happy shopper, and LOVE MAUstudio products? send us a photo with your favorite product purchased from us and we will post it on our blog. Those who send us a photo will have an extra chance to win $10 gift certificate. (drawing will take place once every 3 photo entries) With this option, you get an extra chance of winning that month's prize and the chance to win the gift certificate.


I love this: http://www.maustudio.com/jewelrylink/necklace/JN061.html

bunnybox9 [at] lycos [dot] com

Here is the link to my favorite product this month:
Actually, I would find it even better on a ring !
My email address is: thepira.son@gmail.com

I love your etsy shop and now love your blog! I featured you on my blog today and thought I would let you know..


~jacklyn (etsy shop: jamric)

I just adore that flower pin.

I think this bracelet is my favorite item from your shop!
Such pretty colors!

I love this toe ring ~ http://www.maustudio.com/jewelrylink/ring/JR009.html

I love the Vine tote!

I like the Sushi Bracelet the most!