Quentin Quail

Quentin Quail, originally uploaded by BirdlandCreations.

Super Cute pendant by Birdland Creations. The artist who designed these lovely jewelry named Ruth E Baillie, BSc (HONS), MA, - Certified Metal Clay Artisan. She created these wonderful jewelry using metal clay.


I saw that you had a project wonderful ad on my blog and your MAUstudio ad has the cutest cat on it! I just had to come over and check out your blog. You feature the cutest things ever, and you have a super cute shop as well!! Followng blog and will heart your store! Love it!

Thanks so much for inviting Quentin over to your blog! He's having a such a great time meeting all your lovely readers.

So too can realclimate’s contributors chose which websites they provide links to. I am not surprised that they prefer to link to a non climate scientist’s blog that they feel represents the science properly (eg Coby Beck) than to a non climate scientist’s blog that they feel does not represent the science properly and fairly (eg Steve McIntyre). They do provide links to blogs that put forward different viewpoints than their own (eg Roger Pielke Sr and Jr), provided they feel the scientific quality and integrity is up to par. Of course I’m just guessing as to their motives here (but it’s probably a better guess than yours, or at least a more respectful one).