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Handmade Plush Pillow

NEW products from MAUstudio. These are made to order, perfect as holiday gifts!

Cute Supplies

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Business Card Case

Cute business card case now on MAUcreations.


Illustration Friday - Baby

Here's my illustration for this week topic!


Pantie Pouches

new pants*, originally uploaded by ::sämyii::.

Saw these cute little pantie pouches by SAMYII from Italy. They are so cute and will sure catch some attention.


Shrink Plastic Rings

craft 365 - day 219, originally uploaded by queenvanna creations.

I saw these wonderful rings from Queenvanna Creations. I've been trying to make them but had no luck so far. Queenvanna Creations was so nice to share her experience on how to make them with me. THANK YOU!

Hey, even though I failed on the rings, I had success with the pendants. You will soon find them in my store. Currently, I'm testing the different gloss/varnish products to see which one works better. Also, I've been secretly working on some other new products...hehe...what are they? You'll see....


Bell & Star Necklaces

Bell & Star Necklaces, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I made a lot of samples to send to the sampler for the MTV award gift lounge. Among the variety of goodies, are these cute bell and star necklaces. I love them. They are colorful and fun!

It took me awhile to think of packaging for them. I want them to be cool looking and not in the traditional cotton-filled jewelry box. I had these acrylic boxes for my beads and magnets packaging, so I decided to design a card backing to go with the necklace. I think they turned out pretty well, what do you think?


Sampler for June 08

Sampler for June 08, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I'm sending 50 of these mini books to the sampler for June. I've been busy working on the samples for the MTV gift lounge as well, need to get everything together and send out to the amazing Sampler. I'll be posting more photos on what I'm sending to them soon!


droplet-case, originally uploaded by Andy Woo.

These are so cute! Check out this website.


Mother and baby birdie

DSC_0103, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

So we heard this high pitch sound at work, and we opened the back door and viola...the mother bird and 3 baby birdies are walking around....... soooooooooo cute! They are super cute. You can see more of them on my flick. Check them out!


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