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Ninja Mau Plush

Ninja Mau Plush, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

One of my secret projects.... Ninja Mau Plush is now available at my ETSY shop.

Ninja Mau loves to eat sushi, sleep and play tricks. He is skilled in ninja techniques and knows kufu...Beware! He gets a little grumpy when he's sleepy, so make sure you don't disturb him.


mini hoi tod1

mini hoi tod1, originally uploaded by iammimi2000.

These miniature looks so good and yummy to it. Excellent work! Check out more miniature photos from iammimi2000.


Plush Monster

Hornyfurball, originally uploaded by plushplex.

This little dreamy monster by plushplex is very cute!

Sleepy Pink Bunny

Sleepy Pink Bunny, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I recently found these cute little lucite charms. They are so cute and fun. I added a little star charm on this one and hang it on a cable chain. Other ones that I've made are bears and strawberries. They are now in my shop.


August 2008 Calendar - Ninja Mau

The 2008 August Calendar of my Ninja Mau series is up on my website now. FREE to download for personal use only.


progress, originally uploaded by Multiple Personalities.

I love toys! Even though I'm older now and don't buy very much of them, I still love them no matter what. Just look at this photo by Multiple Personalities, these toys are awesome. I would love a display like that with COLORFUL toys.

Ever since I was little, I love collecting things. My collections include: stamps, erasers (all different shapes and color), bookmarks, cute notepads, stationery, paper, etc... lots and lots of things. They are carefully stored and I would sometimes take out and look at them. Maybe I should start a collection of toy too? hehe...


Ice Cream

Cucuruchos, originally uploaded by ♥ azUre ♥.

These look so yummy, don't you think? This photo is by Olympia Lydia, an illustrator from Spain.


Hand Carved Stamps

stamp_collection, originally uploaded by mushroommeadows.

Wow, I can't believe all the stamps hand carved by Mushroom Meadows Check out their flickr page for more photos of the stamps. They are so cute and I love their illustrations as well.


Modish Giveaway

It is time for another amazing Giveaway from Modish blog, I donated a prize for their giveaway once again. This time, they have over $600 worth of goodies, so don't miss it! You'll have until Saturday, Aug 9th at 11:59pm (PST) to enter...


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Japanese Festival2

Japanese Festival2, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I went to Mitsuwa Japanese Grocery Store today and didn't know they are having a frestival this weekend. It was super crowded. I didn't get to walk around much, but saw lots of cute little girls in kimono. I did have my ramen though! Yummy!



Rings, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I made lots of rings for the craft shows before. I'm looking to sell the rest of them on my website and clean out the inventory so I can make some new ones for the show coming up in fall. I still have a lot of earrings that are waiting for me to take pictures of with my NEW camera! Keep checking my website, because I will put new items up every week. Lots of them will be in the clearance sections.