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Go to for custom stickers, tags, and favors for your wedding, baby shower, and parties.

Handmade Plush Pillow

NEW products from MAUstudio. These are made to order, perfect as holiday gifts!

Cute Supplies

NEW store at Shop for cute stickers, and packaging supplies here!

Business Card Case

Cute business card case now on MAUcreations.


Modish Giveaway!

You know what, Modish is having a September Giveaway, Click for detail There will be 2 winners and each worth $420....this is awesome. I think you get until Saturday, Sept 29th at 11:59pm to sign up. You know what, 2 of my cellphone lariats are in the giveaway. Happy browsing all the stores, all you need to do is visit one of the sponsors shop and comment and provide a link and you can enter. So hurry!
Thank Modish for doing this giveaway, got some nice idea and comment from people about my products!

Greeting Cards for Giveaway

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Everyone needs a little something to go with their gifts. Greeting cards are perfect for the holidays. These are contributions from Fubabee for the giveaway. Their designs are elegant and simple with little embelishments on some of them. Sweet! These would definitely add a nice touch to your gifts and show how much you care!


Originally uploaded by MAUstudio
These skin care products are contributed from MySGarden All products do not contain any petroleum, detergents, or mineral oils. They use lots of real natural ingredients such as honey, oats, Shea butter, home grown peppermint, essential oils, and teas in the making of soaps. To see more, visit their shop. They are great as gifts!


Giveaway Contributions from Oktak

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These pouches are just lovely, they are sent from Oktak. They are absolutely well made and definitely cute and perfect as a make up bag, put your ipod, cellphone, and accessories in. Who wouldn't want one, I do! So make sure you sign up for the giveaway starting Oct. 1st. for your chance to get these.

More exciting news is, you will soon find Oktak's products on MAUstudio. Oktak is one of the new artists who will be joining our shop. Their new line of purses and pouches will be posted soon!

bubble bag by Luii Accessories

bubble bag: red/aqua
Originally uploaded by luiiaccessories
Aqua is one of my favorite color, as you maybe able to tell from my jewelry that, many of them are aqua color. I don't usually think of aqua and red would go together, but this bag from Luii Accessories make the aqua color pops and the floral prints in the middle just enhance the design of this bag. Cute! This bag would go well with a casual outfit as well as a more sophisticate look.


Giveaway Goodies from Spadazzle, Family Rocks & Coming Abstractions

Here are some more giveaway goodies for you to see, if you haven't yet visted my website yet. Spadazzle sent us these notecard sets, they are so cute. Spadazzle's artworks are hand painted acrylic collages in bright and fun colors and then turn them into notecards, checkbook cover, bookmark, etc.

Family Rocks create these earrings for our giveaway. They are made with wire and crystals. They are simple in a way that it's unqique. I haven't seen earrings in in these shapes, most of the time I see earrings bend in spiral form or wirewrap. These are simple but cool!

Coming Abstractions sent us this fused glass ACEO, it's a piece of art. Do you know what an ACEO is? ACEO are mini artworks pieces that people collect, they are about baseball card size. They are usually original or printed artworks. I never thought of a glass ACEO, what a neat idea! In addition to that, A Key People Pendant was sent and it comes with a ball chain, so you can wear it as a necklace. It's definitely another amazing piece of artwork.


Jewelry Display

Jewelry Display
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So I was at this local church show. I didn't know what to expect because this is the first time I'm doing this show. I was assigned to this table at the backroom right in the corner. It wasn't the best spot, but I did my best to display my work. I even moved the table diagonally so it will face the hallway where people come in. So here's a picture of how I display my jewelry.

Lately, I've been making a lot of rings, they are pretty fun to make. I haven't listed them yet, maybe I'll do that in 2 weeks after the Cidar and Cinnamon craft show. I packaged my hairclips and earrings on earring cards and cello bags. I think they turn out pretty well, what do you think? They are nice in a way to package them that way because, they are protected by dirt and perhaps dirty hands. Some people that I've encountered at the shows were eating while they look through your stuff. It's not easy to tell them not to touch your items. So I solve this problem and they look nice as gifts also.


Resin RIngs

Resin RIngs
Originally uploaded by leeloostudio
wow...I want one of these rings. They are so bright in color and fun to wear I'm sure. They look a bit funky and contemporary. I just love the simplicity design of them. These amazing resin rings are from leeloostudio.

NEW Item - Magnets

Finally, I posted these. It took me a while to take photos and post these magnet sets. They are my new products. I just love making them and they look great in the little acrylic box. You can see them in my ETSY shop or Click Here to see them. I have a few more sets that I haven't posted yet. I'm taking them to a craft show I'm doing tomorrow, I hope they sell well. I sold a set last weekend while I was meeting with a lady who was hosting a home show at her house. I brought her samples for her to see, so that next time she does a show at her house, I can join her. I showed her a few magnet sets along with other stationery and she loves one of magnet sets and bought it from me. I'm thrilled. You never know where you're going to make a sale! I'm really happy that I went to the home show, and was able to meet some people who's interested in having me design their logo and business cards. If you don't know, I'm a graphic/web designer.


October Sampler Samples

So here they are...I've been working on these for the October sampler. I sent in 100+ samples this time, not the usual 25. I want October to be extra special for my shop 2nd year annivesary. I had a lot of fun putting these together, though they took a little while to package, but I think they turn out pretty well. What do you think?

If you have no idea what they sampler is, go visit Sampler. They are lots of fun. You can subscribe the sampler for a fee and in return get this amazing box full of samples from different indie shops. Cool!


Ursula and Olive Contribution

Ursula and Olive Contribution2
Originally uploaded by MAUstudio
I just love these metal tins. They are sure a crafty way to package promotional samples and products. I have never thought of that. Thank you Ursula and Olive for contributing to the MAUstudio giveaway.

Ursula and Olive specialized in vintage and recycled paper products such as these pins and bookmarks, are they great! Don't forget to go browse their shop. Visit Shop

The Empty Nest contribution

The Empty Nest contribution

Originally uploaded by MAUstudio
The Empty Nest contribution,
originally uploaded by MAUstudio.
The Empty Nest was so nice to send me many of these cute birdie clear pebble magnets.

I just love their logo. They have a shop at ETSY They offer button magnets, mirror, and jewelry and much more.

Getting Organized

small journals
Originally uploaded by Jhpapers
I was just browsing on flickr and found these journals from Jane Hancock Papers. They are just awesome.

Everyone needs some organizing, especially those who are busy like me.... a little journal like this can help keep track of my schedules or record my creative ideas when they come out of nowhere so I can go back to them. Check them out!


Indie Public

So I've been hearing a lot of compliments about indiepublic and so I went and take a look today. It looks great and I even signed up for an account. So I'll be putting photos, and blog over there too.

I've been thinking about this idea about drawing comic strips for my characters and post it on here, what do you think? Also, I've done this really fun flash movie back when I was in college, and haven't published yet, maybe I should post it on my website for you all to see. All my friends love the story. I plan to post it in my free stuff section, so stay tuned for more MAUstudio fun!

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Giveaway Goodies

More of the giveaway goodies are here, let me introduce
Dragonfly Dreams. Thank you for contributing these wondering beaded bookmark, keychain, pin, bracelet and card. Visit Dragonfly Dreams for more handmade goodies.

If you are an ETSY shop owner, or own your online boutique or website, you must not miss this. These stickers from Monster Promos are awesome. Support the handmade market, buy handmade. These stickers are great promotional materials. Check them out.


Giveaway from The Donut Lounge and Hamptons Photo Gallery

Yummy Yummy! These stickers, stationery set is soooooooo cute and look so delicious. Who would think fast food can be so cute, you should definitely check out their website.

More good news is, not only are they a sponsor for MAUstudio giveaway event, you will soon find their wonderful products at MAUstudio. We are very happy to have The Donut Lounge as our partner.


Do you like photography or greeting cards?
I just received these photos greedting cards with envelopes for the giveaway. The images are of light houses, flowers, butterfly, etc. Check out Hamptons Photo Gallery on ETSY.


September Sampler

Yes, I'm contributing to the sampler again this month. You can take a look at these zipper pulls that I made. I haven't had time to list them in my shops, but I do sell these at craft fair. Don't forget to check out the event schedules on my website. I'll be doing a show at the end of this month, beginning of Oct. and Nov.

You'll be seeing slight change of my website through out this month. I'll be starting to add NEW items from other artists, so check back often to look at these awesome creations.

More Giveaway

I'm so happy that GinPins is sending me these gorgeous pins, necklace, earrings and the cutest pear pin cushion. Check out her shop at ETSY.

Fruit! Fruit! They are so delicious. So does this pear pin cushion. Though it looks pretty real and cute, don't forget you can't eat it! :P This pear is sewn using a combination of machine and hand sewing techniques. The pear is stuffed with super slick fiber-fil that allows pins and needles to penetrate easily. A lot of effort was put in making these items. Are you getting excited about this giveaway as I am?


Giveaway Contribution

Many contributors started to send me their goodies, by the time October comes around, there will be lots of goodies. So don't miss out and sign up for the giveaway event! Here are some awesome items from Paint Floats

What do you think? Paint Floats create these delightful gift tags, hand bound address book, thank you cards, etc. by decorating them with marbled art. They are so colorful and fun, they will sure bring you a smile! The items you see on the right will be in the giveaway baskets. Don't forget, you can be one of the lucky winners!



As some of you may know that there will be a giveaway event in Oct. I'm so excited. I've been getting many contributions and thanks to everyone who is participating. If you are interested, I'm still accepting contributions, just contact me. ^_^ Here's a sneak peek at the giveaway page.