MAUpromos Button Favors

Go to for custom stickers, tags, and favors for your wedding, baby shower, and parties.

Handmade Plush Pillow

NEW products from MAUstudio. These are made to order, perfect as holiday gifts!

Cute Supplies

NEW store at Shop for cute stickers, and packaging supplies here!

Business Card Case

Cute business card case now on MAUcreations.


New Products

Here's a sneak peek at the new products coming soon to MAUstudio in October. These pouches are so cool and fun. They remind me of my childhood, nitendo was the best toy out there. These awesome and fun felt mix tape and nitendo pouches are from Brave Moonman check them out at MAUstudio.


My buttons are featured in a book!

This awesome book has been published, and you know what, my buttons are in it. The book "I Love Badges!" are distributing to the bookstores of Spain and part of Asia, and soon in the rest of the world. This book is distributing by Pageone publishing house and designed and organized by Monsa Publications.

I'm impatiently waiting for it to come out in the US. So I haven't announce this great news even though it was published since July 10th, but I just can't wait! I'll let you know when I see the book on the shelves in bookstores. ^_^

NEW Item - Ci Ci Mau

Introducing Ci Ci Mau!

If you like MauMau, here's the mini MauMau in orange. Her name CiCi. She is orange like a citrus orange! Cellphone string and keyring are included. You can also attach it to the zipper on your purse and hange her on your christmas tree when the holidays come around. Very cute!

Like one of or best sellers MauMau, Ci Ci is as loveble and playful as MauMau. She loves to eat orange and her best friend is Miki Mau (the pink one) She is now available at my ETSY shop!

ETSY finds

I just stumped upon this awesome ipod/phone case, it's created by Working Class Heroes from Austria. They work with felt and leather. The designs are very simple and classy, great gift for all those men and women out there!


MAUstudio got review...

See MAUstudio at Omiru Blog Thank you Trisha for picking us out to write about from all the sampler goodies.

The August Sampler

Not too long ago, I started contributing to the sampler, I was so busy that the deadline for the August Sampler past... I'm a little sad. But here are some awesome samples from Kawaii~neh! These colorful felt pins are embellished and beautiful.


Check out these handspun & handpainted yarns at Moustache Rides Yarn The are colorful and fun. I'm not much or a knitter, but these yarns look so soft and I'm sure I lot of you will like them.



New Item - Greeting Cards

Lovely greeting cards featuring our original illustrations. Professionally printed on 4.25 x 5.5" - 12pt. heavy stock paper, blank inside. Coated but not glossy. Comes in a set of 3. One of each style. Comes with white A2 size envelopes.


I was just thinking that maybe I should design some holidays post cards, will any of you be interested? Or do you prefer the traditional folded greeting cards? All my notecards and postcards come with envelopes, any comment is welcome!


Don't be confused...

A few days ago, I googled my shop name "maustudio" and what I found was something unexpected. I found a store named "MAU Studio", the same as my shop's name and it's an ebay store. For those, who love my shop, don't get confused... MAU Studio ebay store has nothing to do with my shop "MAUstudio," though they sell magnets, cups, etc. They are a different shop.
I just want to make this clear.