It was so sad today to find out that my parakeet will probably be dieing soon. She has a tumor growing on her chest for a while now. In the beginning, we thought she ate too much and was getting fat, lately, it was growing at a rapid pace that it's starting to prevent her from moving around. It is so sad to see, so I took her to the vet this morning. The doctor say that she won't be able to remove it because there aren't enough skin to close the wound afterward. All we can to is to let it live happily for as long as she can and when it gets to the point that she can't eat, we have to put her to sleep. Sniff...sniff...I've been crying all morning.

We watched her grow ever since she was still an egg, and we hand fed her. Her mom was a sweetie too and passed away a few years ago, and now "BABY" will be leaving soon, so sad. "BABY" is such a cutie, she is pure yellow color with red eyes. She has one brother and sister which we gave away to friends. She loves getting pet on the head and cheek and make this cute little chirping noise to show me how she is enjoy being pet. I need to go back to work to get my mind off it, otherwise I'll start crying again.

Tomorrow is the DIY Trunk Show in Chicago, I'm so excited. I'm hoping for a big crowd and do lots of business and meet lots of you who live in the area and to meet other awesome artists/crafters. Don't forget to stop by and say "HI". For more information, you can look at my earlier blog post or go directly to DIY Trunk Show Website.