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Go to for custom stickers, tags, and favors for your wedding, baby shower, and parties.

Handmade Plush Pillow

NEW products from MAUstudio. These are made to order, perfect as holiday gifts!

Cute Supplies

NEW store at Shop for cute stickers, and packaging supplies here!

Business Card Case

Cute business card case now on MAUcreations.


Year of the Ox

ox, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Chinese New Year is coming soon. This year is the year of the OX! I recently finished the whole set of Zodiac, check them out. They are now available at my ETSY shop.


Custom Stickers for Baby Shower

ItsAGirl1, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Do you have a baby shower to plan? These stickers would be great for your invitations or party favors. These customized stickers feature my cute animal illustrations. If you like other animals, let me know!


Happy Shopper

I received this email this morning, and it just makes my day wonderful even though it's snowing bad outside and getting to work is a pain. It's always great to hear that my customer is satisfied and truly happy with what they purchased.

Dear Manyi Au,

I recently purchased some gift tags from you (through with pugs in Christmas situations. Just wanted to let you know that they arrived (a while ago!) and that they are truly cute and I like them a lot.

Hope you have a good holiday season, and a good year to come!

All the best,

Linda from Denmark


Modish Giveaways

Today is the very LAST day to enter the awesome giveaways at Modish Blog. Hurry, you may be the lucky one to get one of these wonderful goodies!

Holiday Bunny Postcards

IMG_2376, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Cool postcards with yellow envelopes at my etsy sho.


Holiday SALES at my ESTY shop

*****Last Minute Holiday SALES*****
BUY 2 items get 1 FREE (equal or lesser value item)
Check out and paid 2 items and write in message to seller what you like for your FREE item.

* US domestic orders takes 3-5 business days for delivery
* international orders can NOT guaranteed delivery by christmas

Puppy Stickers

IMG_2375, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

These are new and available at


Strawberry Charm Necklace

Strawberry, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Yummy, this delicious looking strawberry is made of polymer clay and seal with a gloss. It hangs on a silver plated ball chain. Sweet!


Custom Holiday Stickers

CustomSticker4, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I just finished a holiday sticker design. They turned out great. I'm going to start offering this service on my ETSY. These stickers are 2" round printed on a color laser. They have a slight gloss to it. I packaged them in a metal tin and customized the label on the outside. What do you think?



BallZ_Similar, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I haven't been doing Illustration Friday for a while. Here's this week's topic "similar". BallZ is my New Puggy illustration inspired by my little puggy at home.


Welcome new artist THE CLAY PONY to MAUstudio. Find these cool resin necklace and polymer clay animal earrings on our site. They are great as stocking stuffers.

TP and Poo cellphone charms

TP and Poo cellphone charms, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

They are now available in in blue and pink!


Baby Shower Decoration

IMG_2139, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Here's another picture of the decorations for the baby shower.

Baby Shower

IMG_2153, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I was helping my friends decorating a baby this weekend. I had so much fun. I also helped designed the party favor boxs, which look like ABC block. The theme was brown and pink.


My Puggy

IMG_1928, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Are those eyes cute? He just woke up from his nap...zzz...zzz...zzz...
He was my inspiration for my new new Ball-Z stickers, greeting cards and gift tags. Now available in


Astrology Stickers

Astrology Stickers, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

These new stickers are now available at my etsy shop.


FREE greeting card and tags

snowman, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

You can get this awesome greeting card at FREE download in pdf for personal use. Who doesn't like a penguin in a snowman suit?


Cosmetic Zipper Pouch

Cosmetic Zipper Pouch, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

So...more secret is revealed...I've been learning how to sew on a sewing machine. I always hand stitched my cellphone charms. Sewing on a sewing machine is so different but fun as well. Here it is, I made it! What do you think of this? I'm going to add these to my shops soon.


ninja stickers

ninja, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

These are one of my newest designs. A lot of new sticker designs were added to MAUstudio. Check them out!

Who doesn't like a ninja that love cupcakes and sushi?



ballz, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Ball-Z is a character inspired by my puggy at home. He loves to chew on plants, play, eat....cute!


saru star

saru star, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I was so amazed when I saw these earrings. They are beautifully crafted. For a chance to win these, sign up for our MEGA giveaway. Also visit Saru Star.


MEGA Giveaway

MEGA Giveaway, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Wow, I can't believe that our Anniversary is coming to a close. It's October already. This is the last one and the best one! All who entered in the previous 4 giveaways will also be entered to this one. If you didn't sign up for the last 4, you still have until the 31st of Oct, 08 to enter!

Sign up for a chance to win $200+ goodies from 20 indies artists/crafters/designers.


Deer Necklace

IMG_1715, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I recently found these cute deer and bird pendants at a store. They are so cute and I couldn't help myself but to buy them home. So, viola! New necklaces available at MAUjewelry



bluecitrusart, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Beautiful photo print from bluecitrusart. Check out her shop. Her photos have been featured on Decor8, DarlingDexter, PoppyTalk, etc. You can get this wonderful print in our MEGA Giveaway at the end of the month. All previous entries from the 4 giveaways will be entered MEGA.


Week 4 Giveaway Prize

Week 4 Giveaway Prize, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Here are the prizes that you can get from our Week 4 giveaway!


Essie's, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

You can get one of these if you are the winner of our giveaways. Week 4 giveaway starts today. Visit Essie's for more excellent pouches and purses.


the cuddle shop

the cuddle shop, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Cute little Banana Mans from the Cuddle Shop. You can get one of these from our giveaway. Sign up at our blog. Find more cute sock monkeys and plushs at The Cuddle Shop.


Empire12 Entertainment Logo

Empire12, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I recently worked on a logo for a freelance writer/film maker. It was really fun. The original idea was super hero + empire buildings in an art deco style. You can see the process here. I like how the final logo looks. What do you think? *note* please do not copy or use the this image. 2008 © All Rights Reserved.


illustrations friday - strings

illustrations friday - strings, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.


Devil Mau Cellphone Charm

Devil Mau Cellphone Charm, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Introducing my newest creation " Mini Devil Mau" cellphone charm. Isn't it cute? Don't be fooled by the word "Devil", Devil Mau is just a little mischievous at times, but won't harm anyone!


shelly rodriguez

shelly rodriguez, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Thank you Shelly for sending us these lovely items for the giveaway. The scrulpture is just adorable and super well-made. You can get one of these items (buttons, cellphone charm, sculpture from our anniversary giveaway. Week 2 entries ends Tuesday 10.14.08.

Visit her store here. Shelly Rodriguez is a professionally trained illustrator. I love her octopus character on her business cards. Super cute!

jenny karlsson design

jenny karlsson design, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Enter our giveaways at my new blog,you can get one of these lovely pins. Find cool products from Jenny Karlsson Design at her Dawanda Store.


animal buttons

animal buttons, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I just love creating animal characters. Aren't they cute!



Bracelets, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I've made lots of new bracelets for the show. Lots of people bought earrings and necklaces this time, and not bracelets. So I'll be posting on my website very soon!


My Little Wish...

Tokidoki cactus pup, originally uploaded by she.likes.cute.

I really like Tokodoki Characters. They all have a personality. I wish one day that my characters will be seen and love by lots of people. This photo by she.likes.cute on flick.

Anniversary Giveaway Week 2 Prize

Who doesn't like prizes? Week 2 giveaway starts today! Sign up at my new blog.
Open to domestic and international shoppers.


Anniversary Giveaway

MAUstudio is now 3 years old. Celebrate with us and sign up for our giveaways. See details here.

Thank you Berry Spirte for sending us these cute amigurumi. If you would like to see more, go visit her shop.


Giveaway week1 prize

giveaway week1 prize, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Our anniversary is coming up and you can win some fabulous prize! Take a peek at the prizes for week 1 giveaway. More news coming soon, sign up starts on Oct. 1st. open to domestic and international shoppers.


Jewelry at my new ETSY store MAUjewelry

IMG_0877, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Recently, I started a new shop on ETSY that is for one of a kind jewelry. I'm adding new items there a few times a week, so check it out. You will find bridal jewelry as well!

Of course, custom orders are always welcome.


Giraffee Mini Note Tags/Cards

Giraffee Mini Note Tags/Cards, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

New stationery now available in my ETSY store. More designs coming soon. Get ready for the holidays with these cute little message cards. Each set comes with 10. Matching stickers are also available.

Sushi Stickers

Sushi Stickers, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I've been making some new stickers!


Thanksgiving is here already?

IMG_1074, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I just love these turkeys that run around in my neighborhood. This group is actually quite small. They must be the young ones just turned adults. The usually ones that I see are huge! I never knew that they can fly...LOL

Once I was out with my puppy and it happened there were two turkeys in my yard, one ran like lightening, the other one flew over the roof to the other side of my house. It was kind of funny!

Tutti frutti...pick them now!

Tutti frutti...pick them now!, originally uploaded by ::sämyii::.

These are so colorful and cute. Photos and products from Samyii. I love that she also added tags and pay attention to the branding. Cute!


Giveaway at Scoutie Girl!

If you have never visited Scoutie Girl, it's an awesome blog about indie finds from indie artists and designers. They are currently running a giveaway. I happened to donated some stationery. Check them out!


September Giveaway

Jelly Designs, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

The prize for this month are some buttons (see the buttons in the picture above) from Jelly Designs and MauMau In Love Stickers.
MauMau in Love Stickers
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Little Polymer Clay Charm in Progress...

Another "secret" idea that I had was to make little polymer clay charms of my characters. I used to make stud earrings using polymer clay a lot back in my high school days. It's been a while since I touch this material, and it took a bit longer than I thought to make one. Anyway, I think they look cute! What do you think?

I sealed them with a clear gloss and they are drying on my inventive drying rack that I made using old chopsticks and cardbox. Hey, it worked and economical!


Ninja Mau Plush

Ninja Mau Plush, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

One of my secret projects.... Ninja Mau Plush is now available at my ETSY shop.

Ninja Mau loves to eat sushi, sleep and play tricks. He is skilled in ninja techniques and knows kufu...Beware! He gets a little grumpy when he's sleepy, so make sure you don't disturb him.


mini hoi tod1

mini hoi tod1, originally uploaded by iammimi2000.

These miniature looks so good and yummy to it. Excellent work! Check out more miniature photos from iammimi2000.


Plush Monster

Hornyfurball, originally uploaded by plushplex.

This little dreamy monster by plushplex is very cute!