NEW Item - Magnets

Finally, I posted these. It took me a while to take photos and post these magnet sets. They are my new products. I just love making them and they look great in the little acrylic box. You can see them in my ETSY shop or Click Here to see them. I have a few more sets that I haven't posted yet. I'm taking them to a craft show I'm doing tomorrow, I hope they sell well. I sold a set last weekend while I was meeting with a lady who was hosting a home show at her house. I brought her samples for her to see, so that next time she does a show at her house, I can join her. I showed her a few magnet sets along with other stationery and she loves one of magnet sets and bought it from me. I'm thrilled. You never know where you're going to make a sale! I'm really happy that I went to the home show, and was able to meet some people who's interested in having me design their logo and business cards. If you don't know, I'm a graphic/web designer.