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Handmade Plush Pillow

NEW products from MAUstudio. These are made to order, perfect as holiday gifts!

Cute Supplies

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Business Card Case

Cute business card case now on MAUcreations.


Wedding Stickers

IMG_3299, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I customized the color to match the wedding for this couple. I'm glad they love the stickers. If you are having a wedding or other events and would like customized stickers, feel free to stop by MAUpromos.



Classic, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

NEW custom wedding stickers at MAUpromos.


B is for Bird Print by teafly

I saw this print on ETSY and love how cute it is, it's so colorful and vibrant and the style is very playful and different from other birds that I've seen from other artists. You can see more art from this artist at teafly. The print is printed on archival ink and paper and ship flat. It would be a nice decor for a kid's room.

This print from teafly also reminded me of these two business card styles that I worked on a few days ago. I've been drawing birdie lately and putting them in my MAUpromos ETSY shop. My style is very different compare to teafly, but I think both has their own charm, what do you think?

Then, I found this lovely print from joom, it's name is " Birdie Queen in the Cage Print ". You can get it here. Again, still birdies, but different in style. This style is simple but a bit more colorful than mine and has more element in it like the little stars and circles, dotted line for the cage.


Half Moon Pouch ==SAKURA

Half Moon Pouch ==SAKURA, originally uploaded by Stitchin Sista.

I just for this lovely pouch from Stitchin Sista. I love the color and the fabric pattern.


ChiChi-Chick-Boy, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Just added some new baby shower stickers style at MAUpromos.


April Sampler

April Sampler, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

I just sent these to the sampler for April. These are my zodiac stickers, aren't they cute? Even though Chinese year has already passed this year, hey, but you can still give them to your friends. Available at my ETSY shop.


Recycled Skateboard Necklace

If you are into recycling and hip, cool accessories, you would not want to miss these awesome jewelry from 2ReVert ETSY shop. This necklace is made from recycled skateboard. Not only it's one-of-a-kind, it's handmade with care from designing, cutting, sanding to sealing with a non-toxic clear gloss. Cool!



SuperCuteKawaii2.18.09, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Thank you so much for the post. Visit Super Cute Kawaii to see what they think of our shop!


IF Intricate

Animal-Kingdom-Map, originally uploaded by MAUstudio.

Illustration using my Animal Kingdom characters. stickers, buttons of these character are in my store.


Ball-Z and Chi Chi the chick cards

Ball-Z fan, here is the latest creation. Easter theme greeting cards and stickers set. Introducing "Chi-Chi the chick" - new friend of Ball-Z. These cards are now available at my ETSY store.