MAUstudio March Contest

March Contest Prize - Funny Bunny Stationery Set

MAUstudio is giving away cool products every month. Do you want to win something from us? Here are the ways that you can win. One winner will be chosen at random every month. If you are already on our mailing list, you will be entered to the drawing automatically as long as you don't unsubscribed.

There will be several ways to enter the drawing (domestic and international buyers are welcome to enter):

1. sign up for our mailing list (if you haven't already)

2. visit our shop at MAUstuio and post a comment with the link of the product that you like most in the shop at our contest posting for that month and your email address. comments are moderated, so it will not be published, so it's confidential.

3. are you a happy shopper, and LOVE MAUstudio products? send us a photo with your favorite product purchased from us and we will post it on our blog. Those who send us a photo will have an extra chance to win $10 gift certificate. (drawing will take place once every 3 photo entries) With this option, you get an extra chance of winning that month's prize and the chance to win the gift certificate.

If you have friends who also love MAUstudio, tell them about our wonderful contest! Send us photos and tell us what you love about our shop! I am very excited and hope to hear from you all!